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December 29, 2016 - Cbonds


We have finished working on our bond pages redesign. Technological refactoring allowed us to speed up paging-in, and the new page layout makes it easier to perceive information.    

Page structure 

Based on user opinion poll results we introduced a pass-through block with key bond parameters and additional functions:

- adding bonds to Watchlist (‘To WatchList’ button);

- calculating analytical parameters in the Calculator (‘Calculator’ button);

- bond graphic analysis (‘To Comparison’ hyperlink); 

- viewing all events related to the bond for the coming six months (‘View Events’ button).

Other information is conceptually split between five tabs:

The Issue tab includes the following blocks:

- bond issue documentation; 

- bond information; 

- Cbonds Valuation quotes; 

- quotes from market participants; 

- bond trading archived data; 

- stock exchange and OTC quotes;

- CBR Lombard List;

- issue classifier; 

- underlying asset identifiers (for structured products);

- placement;

- who participated in placement;

- tap issues.

The Cash Flow tab includes the following blocks: bond payment schedule, early buyback terms, debt servicing information. The Covenants tab contains information on current issue covenants. The Credit Ratings tab offers data on ratings of the bond issue, issuer, and guarantor. The Issuer Reports tab allows you to download IFRS statements, quarterly and annual reports.   

What’s new

We would like to draw your attention to the following updates:

1. We understand how important it is to see information about defaults and technical defaults, therefore this data is given as a separate pass-through block. When clicking on ‘There is a default’ you will see debt servicing information.

2. In the Bond Information block such fields as the issue purpose, indexation, restructuring information, conversion conditions, and coupons open as pop-up windows (as they can contain a lot of text).

3. No more loads of text in such blocks as the bond payment schedule, early buyback terms, debt servicing information and taps.  The bond payment schedule displays ten records by default, while other blocks display five records.  


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the new bond issue page design, you are welcome to send them to russia@cbonds.info with the heading ‘New bond issue page’.

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Cbonds team

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