Cbonds optimizes country and company pages and Cbonds Pages – Cbonds press release

December 02, 2016 - Cbonds


We are pleased to inform you that Cbonds has finished primary optimization of country and company pages, as well as Cbonds Pages in order to make provided information more relevant.

The majority of sections were structured and updated, such as Bank Details, List of Affiliated Companies, News and Documents, Comments (about the company, from companies), and Outstanding Bond Amount (the filter is by currency).

Instead of Issuer Debt Obligations, the company pages and Cbonds Pages now have a section Participation in Transactions, including bonds and syndicated loans (bond/loan, amount, and company status). Quarterly / annual reports are available for download for the period of three years. Company and country ratings are still available as before.

For companies having their personal Cbonds Pages (please see the list following the link: http://ru.cbonds.info/pages/), the page displays updated Contacts, Cbonds Awards, Issuer Yield Curve, Selected Deals, Indices and Bond Quotes.

On country pages (you can see the list following the link: http://cbonds.ru/countries/) you can find Outstanding Bond Issues, News and Comments, Sovereign Ratings, Latest Bond Issues, Indices and Quotes.
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