Cbonds updates menu structure for all website profiles – press release

November 30, 2016 - Cbonds


We are pleased to inform you that Cbonds has updated the website menu structure for all profiles: Global, Russia, Ukraine, and Emerging Markets. The number of items is now twice fewer as a result of rearranging information. Website users are now offered ten key sections: NEWS AND COMMENTS, BONDS, ISSUERS, PRICES, TOOLS, WATCHLIST, INVESTMENT BANKS, PEOPLE, INDICES AND STATISTICS, and MONEY MARKET. There are also supplementary sections, such as ABOUT US, GLOSSARY, and HELP.

The CBONDS PAGES tab is now in the top website menu!

In particular,
- the new section NEWS AND COMMENTS includes the following: Market News, Corporate News, People Moves, previous sections COMMENTS and POLLS;
- the new section BONDS contains, as before, Simple and Extended Bond Search, Nest Placements, Government Bond Auctions, Bond Calendar, Interest rate risk and ROE, CBR Lombard List, and Defaults; previous sections on Securitization and CBONDS DATABASE are also added here;
- the new section ISSUERS includes Credit Ratings, RAS and IFRS Financial Reports, Issuers Comparison and CBONDS AWARDS;
- the former section BOND PRICES has been moved into the new PRICES section;
- all options related to working with bond data are now gathered in one TOOLS section, namely, Bond Calculator, Bond Calculator (Lite), Bond Maps, Bond Comparing, and Portfolio Management;
- the new section INVESTMENT BANKS includes Cbonds League Tables, Arranger League Tables, Legal Advisers’ League Tables, and CBONDS AWARDS;
- the new section PEOPLE allows website users to find a required contact in a company based on the Cbonds contact database;
- the new section INDICES AND STATISTICS gathers together Сbonds Indices, including bond market statistics, Market Participants’ Indices and Consensus.

In addition:
For your consideration: the former section of the website top menu called Cbonds Group with the tab For Clients allowing you to send us accounting documents has been transferred to the website footer and is now called For Clients.
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