Russian Standard Bank guides investors towards a yield of around 8% on CNY Eurobonds

January 31, 2013 - Cbonds


A source close to the deal tells Prime that Russian Standard Bank – one of top thirty Russian banks – has given investors a yield guidance of around 8% p.a. on its new CNY-denominated Eurobonds. According to the source, the bank is looking to sell a 2-year issue.

On January 29-30, Russian Standard Bank held a road show in Singapore and Hong Kong for the Eurobonds in China’s currency. Arrangers are BNP Paribas and HSBC.
Issuer: Russian Standard Bank
Issuer profile:
Russian Standard Bank is one of the leading consumer lenders in Russia and one the country’s most profitable privately held banks, offering world-class products and services to a broad range of custo... more
Outstanding issues:
2 issuesUSD976,000,000
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceCaa2/NegativeLT- foreign currency11/06/2015
Moody's Investors ServiceCaa2/NegativeLT- local currency11/06/2015
S&P Global RatingsCCC+/NegativeForeign Currency LT10/29/2015
S&P Global RatingsCCC+/NegativeLocal Currency LT10/29/2015
S&P Global RatingsruBB-/LT National Scale (Russia)10/29/2015
Fitch RatingsWithdrawn/LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)07/17/2015
Fitch RatingsWithdrawn/National Scale (Russia)07/17/2015
Fitch RatingsWithdrawn/LT Int. Scale (local curr.)07/17/2015
Moody's Interfax Rating AgencyWithdrawn/National Scale (Russia)03/18/2016
RusRatingWithdrawn/International scale09/03/2015
RusRatingWithdrawn/National scale (Russia)09/03/2015
National Rating AgencyWithdrawn/National scale (Russia)05/14/2015