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The Russian Securitization Encyclopedia – 2020 is published

March 26, 2020 | Cbonds

Cbonds Group of Companies and RUSIPOTEKA Company released for print the Russian Securitization Encyclopedia – 2020. 

The circulation will be published in late March.

This is the ninth issue of the materials on securitization in Russia and abroad. The Encyclopedia was first published in 2008; the following seven issues of the collection were released from 2013 to 2019.

The materials are freely accessible for all users of the Cbonds website. To access the content, simply enter your credentials on the website. For the electronic version, visit: http://review.cbonds.info/2020/1/29  

This year the project was supported by leading market participants:

– Strategic partner: VTB Capital

– Section partner: Sovcombank

– Partner: Raiffeisenbank

– With the participation of Absolut Bank, Asia-Pacific Bank, Financial Corporation Otkrytie Bank, S&P, Expert RA, TFG, VTB Specialized Depository, DK Region, Trewetch Group, and TMF Group. 

This year, representatives of such international companies from Europe and the USA as ING, S&P, Moody's, Scope Ratings, American Family Mutual Insurance, Federal Reserve Bank of New York presented their outlooks in the Encyclopedia. 

Contents of the Russian Securitization Encyclopedia – 2020: 

I. Securitization Market Trends

– Russia 2020: focus on budgetary policy – Dmitry Dolgin, ING;

– What is the direction of the national securitization market? – Sergei Fedotov, VTB Capital; 

– “We need to get over our fear of the specter of the US mortgage crisis”. Roundtable discussion of the deal makers – VTB Capital, Raiffeisenbank, Sovcombank, and BCS Global Markets; 

– “There is perspective for mortgage securities”. Roundtable discussion of the deal originators – VTB, Absolut Bank, Asia-Pacific Bank, and Metallinvestbank. 

II. Global Securitization Market

– Forecast on structured financing transactions in the global markets for 2020 – James Manci, Tom Shopfloher, and Andrew Saus, S&P; 

– European structured financing market in 2019 – Olivier Tautane, Scope Ratings; 

– Secured bonds in Central and Eastern Europe – Stanislav Nastasin, Moody’s Investors Services; 

– American securitization market: trends of 2019 – Andrei Litvintsev, American Family Mutual Insurance; 

– Reformation of the US housing market – Viktoria Baklanova, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

III. Mortgage Securitization and Valuation of Mortgage Securities 

– Overview of the mortgage securities market – Andrei Suchkov, VTB Capital; 

– Interim financing of the mortgage agent in securitization: practical aspects – Evgeny Bardadim, Mikhail Pichugin, Asia-Pacific Bank; 

– About Non-State Pension Fund investments in mortgage securities – Sergei Belyakov, Association of Non-State Pension Funds, Self-Regulatory Organization; 

– “We are expecting a gradual increase in the number of investors”. Roundtable discussion on the valuation of mortgage securities – Bank of Russia, VTB Capital, TFG and Investment Financial Company Solid. 

IV. Securitization Market of Non-Mortgage Asset Classes 

– Securitization of banking assets in times of rate cuts – Kseniya Polyakova, Raiffeisenbank; 

– Transactions of SME loan securitization in 2019 – Nataliya Koltsova, Ilya Bobryshev, MSP Bank; 

– On the way towards multi-originator securitization of SME – Aleksandra Verolainen, Expert RA; 

– The first securitization of solar power plants revenue in Russia – Sergey Kaduk, Sovcombank.

V. The infrastructure of Securitization Market

– “The market is awaiting new issue standards”. Roundtable discussion of depositories and management companies – Trewetch Group, TMF Group, DK Region, and VTB Specialized Depository; 

– Actual issues of the special-purpose companies’ activity: "non-core" assets and functions – Nadezhda Lebedeva, Trewetch Group;

– Support of securitization transactions: legal aspects and risks – Gennady Godyaev, TMF Group. 

VI. ESG-Securitization

– Prospects of green securitization in Russia – Oleg Ivanov, Association of Russian Banks; 

– ESG credit factors in structured financing – Corinne Bendersky, Mathew Mitchell, S&P. 

NEW VII. Mortgage Crisis in Movies. Movie Reviews from Securitization Market Participants 

VIII. Market Participants 

IX. Market Statistics

X. Rankings of Market Participants 

XI. Debt Market and Securitization Conferences in 2020
 All Encyclopedia materials were prepared before the downfall in the financial markets in February–March 2020. Estimates of the project parties do not account for the events that have occurred. 

You can get a free hard copy of the Encyclopedia – 2020 by Russian Post until May 1, 2020, completing the form on the website: http://russecuritisation.ru/sekyuritizaciya_pechatnaya_versiya/ 

From April 1, 2020, it will be possible to purchase a hard copy of the Encyclopedia:

• on request at the Rusipoteka office

• on the Cbonds Review magazine website subscribing to the magazine for 3 months. Cbonds Review Magazine Subscription: http://review.cbonds.info/subscribe/access

The copy will cost 1,500 rubles. 

You are welcome to take part in the output of the Russian Securitization Encyclopedia – 2021!

Albert Ippolitov: e-mail: project(at)rusipoteka.ru, tel.: +7(916) 113 8001

Konstantin Vasiliev: e-mail: kv(at)cbonds.info, tel.: +7(812) 336 9721 *105 



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