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Domestic corporate bonds of Thailand on Cbonds website - Cbonds release

July 23, 2018 | Cbonds

Dear Cbonds users,

We are pleased to announce that information on domestic corporate bonds of Thailand has been added to the Cbonds database (http://cbonds.com/bondsearch/). In total, 1,870 issues of this type to a total amount of 111.9 billion US dollars are available on the site.


Thailand is an emerging agricultural and industrial country with export- and tourism-oriented economy. Despite structural disparities and inequalities, Thailand's economy has been developing at a quite rapid pace over the past few years. For example, during 2017 the Gross Domestic Product of Thailand has increased by 3.9%. It is worth noting that the positive trend continued in early 2018. In the first quarter, the economy showed growth at 4.8%, which is the maximum value in the past five years. The inflation in 2017 was 0.78%.

Thailand's long-term credit rating for foreign currency liabilities remains unchanged over the past few years – Baa1/BBB+/BBB+ with stable outlook (M/S&P/F) (http://cbonds.com/ratings/history/).

For the long-term economic development of the country, further export stimulation, search for new trading partners, and promotion of financial integration, as well as increase in attracted investment amount and government support for the agricultural sector are necessary.


Financial Market

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, Thailand is highly ranked in terms of availability of financial services (23rd place out of 137) and financing through local equity market (20th place out of 137).

The only stock exchange in the country is the Stock Exchange of Thailand located in Bangkok. Among the instruments traded on the stock exchange there are stocks, bonds, options, and futures contracts. The Stock Exchange of Thailand is a member of the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation.

Characteristic of the Bond Market

The corporate bond market of Thailand is steadily developing and continues to grow much faster than the government bond sector. By the end of 2017, the corporate bond market size increased by 17%, and the corporate bond share within the total bond market share equaled to 26%.

The bonds are traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The key issuers in the Thailand domestic corporate bond market are financial, construction, and transport companies. The leader in the number of placed offerings is CIMB Thai Bank; BAAC (Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives), CP All, and Siam Cement stand out for the total volume of issues. It should be noted that in Thailand, there are also foreign issuers, including Woori Bank (Korea), United Overseas Bank (Singapore), and Mizuho Bank (Japan).

Most domestic issues in the Thai market are denominated in national currency, i.e. Thai Baht; however, there are also issues in US dollars, for example, Minor International, 4.6% 19jul2027, USD.

Apart from that, structured products are common in the Thai market, in particular, CIMB Thai, FRN 7oct2024, THB.

For all issues there are traditionally available: bond calculator, basic parameters of placements, payment schedule for securities, and issue documents. Daily quotes are also available for issues.

Please note that access to the site (http://cbonds.com/) is included in the Cbonds-Premium tariff. If you have not yet received the access to Global.Cbonds site, you can use all the opportunities and evaluate the advantages of the site by applying for a trial access (http://cbonds.com/about/paccess.php). The information is available in eight languages: Russian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, and Ukrainian.

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