Cbonds Consensus, Ukraine 2014 

The poll was held on 20-27.12.2013. Number of respondents: 10. Publication date: 27.01.2014
IndicatorsAverage forecastMedianActual
  Nominal GDP, UAH billion
Факт за 1-3 кв. 2013
  Real GDP, change in %
Факт за 1-10 мес. 2013
  Industrial production, change in %
  Consumer Prices (CPI, Ukraine) (year-to-date), %, %
  Current account balance,% of GDP
Факт за 1-3 кв. 2013
  Gross external debt, $ billion
  External gov. debt, $ billion
Факт за 1-3 кв. 2013
  Exchange reserves, $ billion
Факт за 1-11 мес. 2013
  Foreign currency interbank O/N loan rate, % (Ukraine)
  End-year rate USD/UAH
Cbonds Consensus represents aggregated outlooks of analysts on key indicators of world economy, interest rates, bond and international bond market yields. Consensus calculations are based on data collection results from leading investment banks and bringing the data to average. Cbonds Consensuses are published on the following indicators: GDP, inflation, oil and gold prices, currency rates, key interest rates of Central Banks, yields of government, municipal and corporate bonds and international bonds with different maturities. The system allows viewing detailed consensuses by all the indicators from each investment bank, which provides information. The data can be downloaded in Excel.