How to add a bond to WatchList?

Adding issues to Watchlist is performed either directly in the section via quick search or from the issue page.

1. Adding issues via quick search
To add an issue to Watchlist, input a part of an issue name, ISIN or state registration number in a quick search field above the issue table:

Having selected an issue from the dropdown list, specify the trading floors according to which the price change dynamics is planned to be traced (multiple choice of trading floors for one security is provided):

Click “Save” to add the issue to WatchList.

2. Adding an issue from the issue page
To add an issue from the issue page, click “Add to WL”:

Clicking on "Add to Watchlist" button takes you to a window, where you can select the trading floors to track the price changes (you can select multiple trading floors for one paper). For example:

Click “Save” to add the issue to WatchList. "Go to Watchlist" link next to the "Add to Watchlist" button will take you back to your account to view the selected list of securities.

More information on WatchList is provided in the User Guide or can be found in Training video on WatchList.
In case of any questions on the website section, please contact Cbonds managers or ask Cbonds online consultant directly from the section.
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