How to change currency of portfolio accounting and the quote source?

Currency of Portfolio Accounting is used to display the current value of securities in the portfolio in the column "Current Value" (in the portfolio accounting currency), to display portfolio value and in graphs and charts. To change the currency of portfolio accounting, click “edit” next to the currency on “My portfolio” page or go to “Accounting policies”:

In the opened page with accounting policies, change the currency of portfolio accounting and click “Save”:

Stock Exchange Priority for Bonds (Eurobonds) determines from which trading floor the data will be taken to display prices. Trading floors selected by the user are highlighted in blue (data from grayed trading floors is not being used). You can change the color of a trading floor by clicking on it. The order of the trading floors determines the priority in which the prices will be displayed. The priority of stock exchanges can be changed by moving the required exchange to the right place:

After making changes, click “Save”.

More information on Bond Portfolio is provided in the User Guide .
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