How to upload a portfolio from a file?

The service allows uploading a bond portfolio file by clicking "Upload file" on the toolbar:

In the dialog box, select the file in csv or xls format and click "Upload":

A sample upload file can be downloaded using «Download example of file» . We recommend to make the format of the file for upload as close as possible to the sample file:

The file will not be uploaded if at least one issue in the file is not in Cbonds database, or if the is no sufficient cash on the date of purchase. Possible errors during the upload will be displayed in the preview page of the uploaded file.
If the bonds have been uploaded successfully, a respective amount will be deducted from the available funds, and the portfolio will be displayed in the table in "My Portfolio". The transactions will be added to the "Transactions Archive". You can perform multiple uploads via file in the same portfolio.

More information on Bond Portfolio is provided in the User Guide .
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