What is the difference between Bond Calculator and its lite-version?

The Bond Calculator provides an expanded range of calculated indicators: additional types of yields, PVBP, convexity, some types of spreads (T-spread, G-spread). It also provides an opportunity not only to analyze traded bonds, but to model the cash flows of bonds and create your own models. More advanced functionality for modeling allows creating a bond with any cash flow (including an irregular one, with variable coupon rate or amortized structure of par redemption).

The Lite-version of Bond Calculator is a modified full version, but with a simplified functionality. The version is available for all website profiles via the menu item «Calculator». The functionality does not require a flash-player support and works in all browsers. The basic version of the calculator allows computation of yield by price and price by yield for any date. In the list of calculated indicators various types of prices, yields, ACI and duration are displayed. There is the function to model simple coupon-bearing and discount bonds, which allows you to quickly assess the price or yield of bonds according to the input parameters.

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