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How do I create a model of own bond and calculate the indicators?

To create a bond model via Cbonds Bond Calculator click “Create a model” on the instrument panel and choose the bond type:

Fill in the issue parameters:

With "Create cash flow" button, you can create a chart of coupon payments on the bond:

Enter the period, for which the cash flow will be filled, frequency of coupon payment (by default, these parameters are filled based on the issue terms you have already entered), coupon rate and payment amount. Payment amount is optional - you can just click on "Automatic Calculation", and coupon payments will be calculated automatically:

Use "Add" button to add coupon payments to an existing coupon chart. Cash flow on the bond can be edited directly in the table (you can change the date, coupon rate, coupon payment and redemption amount). After editing the cash flow parameters, select respective lines in the stream and click "Update". The system will then recalculate the coupon payments based on your edit. To delete lines from the "Cash Flow" table, select the lines and click the "Delete" button.

After filling in cash flow and bond parameters, you can perform calculations in the ordinary course.

To model the issue using Bond Calculator (Lite) enter the "Maturity", "Coupon rate", "The frequency of coupon payments (per year)". At least one of the fields "Current price" or "Yield to maturity" is also required for calculation. Click "Calculate" to view all other calculating parameters. In the example we create the model of short-term zero-coupon bond with current price 100% and maturity 100 days. Also we create the model of 3-year coupon bond with current price 100% and coupon rate 10%. We use bond basis 365 days per year to calculate all parameters.

More information on Cbonds Calculator is provided in the User Guide or can be found in creating bondmodels in Bond Calculator .
In case of any questions on the website section, please contact Cbonds managers or ask Cbonds online consultant directly from the section.
Go to Cbonds Bond Calculator or to Cbonds Bond Calculator (lite-version).


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