Technical specifications for using Cbonds website

1. One of the browsers of latest version: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer/Edge, Opera browser, Safari, Yandex.Browser.
2. The browser should include JavaScript. It’s also necessary to check that the local/corporate FireWall rules don’t prohibit downloading of JavaScript files.
3. The browser should allow using Cookies.
4. For bond calculator ( the browser should include active Flash Player plug-in (
5. For opening PDF documents, a user’s computer will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (
6. For opening Excel documents, a user’s computer will need one of the means for viewing Excel files, for example, Microsoft Excel Viewer ( or the full Microsoft Excel 2007+.
7. For the comfortable work with the websites, the screen horizontal resolution (desktop PC and laptops) should be not less than 1280 pixels.