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Paid access

How can I add a new user to the company’s subscription?How can I get a trial access to the service?How can I get access to Cbonds paid services?I need to change contact person, what should I do?My company is subscribed to Cbonds services, how can I get an access?The employee no longer works in the company,how can switch off paid access?The message appears: “The data is available only for paid subscribers”

Training videos on Cbonds website sections

Training videos on Cbonds website sections

Analytical functionality of the website: Bond Maps

How to create your own market map?How to delete some issues from a market map?How to label issues on the market map and change spot colours of issue setsWhat opportunities does the instrument "Bond Maps" provide?Where to start work in service “Bond Maps”?

Analytical functionality of the website: Bond Calculator

How to create a model of your own bond and calculate the indicators?How to quickly calculate indicators on a certain bond?

Analytical functionality of the website: WatchList

How to add a bond to WatchList?How to set e-mail notifications on the events from the Watchlist?What is the maximum number of bonds that can be added to WatchList?

Analytical functionality of the website: Bond Chart Analysis

How to build charts of spread change on bonds for a period of time?Where to find a chart of price change of a bond?

Analytical functionality of the website: Portfolio Management

How to change currency of portfolio accounting and the quote source?How to create a portfolio?How to upload a portfolio from a file?How to view all portfolio transactions for a certain period?Is it possible to maintain several portfolios simultaneously?

Bond search

How to find a bond quickly in Cbonds database by ISIN or issue name?How to get a list of all new issues for a certain period?How to get a list of bonds matching certain parameters?How to search for bonds by yield?What shall I do if I need more search parameters?

Bond quotes

How can I get a list of bonds with up-to-date quotes and yields?How often are quotes updated on the website?Where can I find a current price and yield on a certain bond?Where can I find data archive on bond quotes?

General questions

Can I buy bonds via Cbonds website?What additional options are available on the website?What are the levels of access to the data?What information on bonds is available on the website?What is the geographical cover?What is the website about?Who usually uses the service?

Technical questions

I can’t download data in ExcelI can’t download issue documentsI can’t log in. What should I do?Technical specifications for using Cbonds websiteThe notification appears: Information is available to Cbonds Premium


What is the data update rate of the closing documents?Where can I obtain closing documents?


How often is the data on reporting updated on the website?Reporting from what companies is available on the website?What types of reporting do you provide?

Credit ratings

Bond principal ratingHow often is the data on credit ratings updated?Is the credit rating history available on the website?Ratings from what agencies are provided on the website?What types of ratings are available?Where can I find an up-to-date rating on an issue?
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150 000
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