Domestic bonds: National Bank of Poland, KRNBP0312 (PL0000300067)

Issue information:

Issuer, issue numberNational Bank of Poland, KRNBP0312
Debt instrument typeDomestic bonds
Placement methodOpen subscription
Issue statusredeemed
NominalPLN 100
Bloomberg code (BBGID)BBG0000BKZS4
Floating rateYes
Maturity date**/**/****
Trading floor, trading codeWarsaw Stock Exchange, KRNBP0312
ListingWarsaw Stock Exchange, KRNBP0312
Last updated issue date12/24/2015

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IssuerNational Bank of Poland
Full issuer nameNational Bank of Poland
RegionEastern Europe
Issuer profileThe National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) is the central bank of Poland. It controls the issuing of Poland's currency, the zloty. The Bank is headquartered in Warsaw, and has branches in ever...